Castle Clash: Brave Squads App Reviews

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Too much maintenance

Alright game but they take the game down completely for maintenance, which usually lasts hours. Always right when I have paid shards for a boss battle that I dont get to finish.

Love it

I like how people keep saying this is a copy of clash of clans even tho it came out before. Anyways this game is literally consuming my life but I love it!

Excellent and addicting!

Awesome little game. If youre looking for an alternative to CoC, this is even better. WAY more heroes, WAY more game modes, WAY more fun to have. Ive tried 6 of these type of clash games, and this is by far the best, most well-rounded version. Good times :-)

Good game but

Great game but I put it to wear house storage for rolling Herod so I can get cards to evolve but when I got my skull knight it went into my hero altar so now I cant evolve but all in all its a really good game


I played this game for 1 day and I have druid

Just a clash of clans remake

it pretty much sucks

Ewe not best



good game, but they should increase the chance of rolling a legendary and its too laggy and slow

Amazing but problems

I have spent so much time and money on this game but it is amazing but I cant play this on a different internet other than my internet like if I am at the library I cant play it


It makes you pay for gems and upgrade forts and things and you try but you need the gems to increase it so you can even buy them. In the end this games is terrible!!

Need to make easier to get gems and good heroes.

This game is really amazing! But the one thing i dislike is that the heroes are to hard to get! Same with the gems!



Its just like many other games

Many games are like this one so got bored really quick


Its not something that I would play

It is ok

The game is very tricky Abd con


Takes for ever to download

Worst game

I hate this app because it is boring and too easy.i could not stand playing this game.

Good, but guilds are too expensive to make

A guild costs 500,000 gold to make and you should lower it

Best app there is.

The beginning is slow but they are constantly making the game better and the support is amazing, worth every dollar I have put in on my paid account and my account I dont spend on has been tons of fun as well!

Fun game

I have to do this for another app to work... So I dont really care

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